With the recent release of TRAVELLING MAN on DVD (from NETWORKDVD), Dee thought it might be a nice idea to tell you a bit about her involvement in it. So, I asked her some questions, in order to find out a bit more about it.....

Q1. How did you get the part of Billy?
A1. The Director - Sebastian Graham Jones - saw my photo and called me in. He was a lot of fun and a very generous man. I read for him and he offered me the part, and then he gave us all a glass of wine to celebrate. I've never known that before!

Q2. Where was the episode filmed?
A2. In and around Manchester and Granada studios, which no longer exsists.

Q3. The scene where you had postcards, was it actually you pictured on the card?
A3. Yes indeed it was. I had to do some photo shoots in very risque underwear, which I didn't really enjoy.

Q4. The part of billy was quite a departure for you, you don't normally play someone on the wrong side of the law - you normally play the "Good" guy as opposed to the "Bad" guy. Which role to you prefer to play, and did you do any research into drug addiction for the part?
A4. It was only my second job, so I hadn't had much experience of playing either part. It's always nice to get your teeth into something diverse. I went to the library to look up books on drug addiction. They even gave me leaflets, because they thought I had a problem.

Q5.Were you actually on top of the building at the end of the episode, just prior to your character jumping off?
A5. Yes it was me, on a special harness. We filmed a huge section up there that was cut.

Q6. Did you wear your own clothes on the shoot, or were they bought especially for the episode?
A6. No, all the clothes were bought specially. But I didn't like them myself, they weren't really me.