With this year being the 30th anniversary of the sitcom
NO PLACE LIKE HOME, I asked Dee to tell us a bit about her time on the series............

1. This was your first job, yes? How did you get the part?

A.It was my first job. My then agent told me to go along and meet Robin Nash at the BBC, about playing the youngest Daughter in a new family sitcom. So I went, and I read for Robin (Nash) a couple of times. He was trying to cast four children who could feasibly be related, and I was offered the part.

(Dee's first onscreen appearance)

2. Where were the location shots filmed, for the exterior of the house?

A.They were all done in Ealing.

3. Tracey had her little quirks, like always eating yogurt while sitting on the kitchen work surface. Were these in the script, or was it something that you added to the character?

A.The reason I ended up eating a lot of yogart is I didn't always have a lot to say or do, but I was always in the background. So I asked if I could sit on the counter and eat yogart. They said yes, that would be a good idea. The production team bought me lots of Hazelenut yogart. Every yogart I eat on the show was hazelenut, as it's the only one I like.

4. Were you in the entire series? In my mind, I seem to think that your character was written out for a period of time. Is this true, or is my mind playing tricks?

A.I didn't appear in a couple of episode, but that was all. I was supposed to be on Holiday.

5. Some characters, namely Vera and Nigel, were played by more than one actor. How does it affect the rest of the team when new actors come in to play established characters?

A.I think it must be really difficult, and a thankless task, taking over an established character from another actor in a series. But they slipped into the company seamlessly, and were made to feel at Home.

6. How did you get on with the rest of the cast? Any favourites amongst them?

A.Very fond of all of them. Martin Clunes told me some of the filthiest jokes I've ever heard in my life. Very close friends with Steve Watson, who was tragically killed on honeymoon when he was 26. He was a beautiful, generous man.
Struck up a good friendship with actor Roger Martin, who played Roger the Lodger in the last series, and we've remaind v.good friends and see each other often.
Michael Sharvell-Martin, who died sadly a couple of years ago, was one of the funniest and kindest Men I've met.

7. Do you have a favourite episode from the series?

A.Yes, the last series, the marathon episode sticks out as a particular hoot.

8. Did you meet anyone interesting while filming the series?

A.At the BBC rehearsal rooms, which was nicknamed the Acton Hilton, the canteen was always full of very famous people. Ronnie Barker was always very sweet to me. I once had the privilege of being stuck in a lift with him and John Inman. They were incredibly funny, witty and very risque. I even forgot that I was claustraphobic!
I was also once in the same lift as Omar Sharif, and couldn't look at him, so I looked at the floor.

9. Looking back, what are your thoughts on the series today? Did you enjoy making it?

A.My grown up son was watching it recently with some friends, and they were laughing like drains. So it possibly has stood the test of time. Yes, some of it is actually quite funny.