Ast. Director

Music composed by

Dee Sadler
Calum Anderson

Nic Ryan

Lloyd Robinson
Alex Fung
Nicole Skipper
Nic Ryan


Alma Tavern Theatre (18th January - 29th January)

TOUCH was a fascinating work, played over two halves (both 45 min's, with a 15 min interval). A VERY dark play about kidnap, torture and rape, but with humorous lines throughout, performed by three very competent actors who give their all. Dee especially excels in her role of Rachel, a tough, ruthless woman, who enjoys inflicting pain on her victims, who she kidnaps from the streets of London, and imprisons them. And when she's finished with them, she kills them and buries them in the fields outside. In fact I would say Dee gives her best performance so far, and considering it's a role far removed from anything she's done before,it just goes to show what a very good actress she is, totally convincing.
The small setting of the Alma Tavern theatre give the scene a very real claustrophobic feel, you can really feel Laura's pain and her feeling of helplessness. There are some touching moments in the play, when Laura delivers her monologues direct to audience, aimed at her Mother. The nudity in it that was flagged up on the web site was kept to a minimum, and wasn't flesh for flesh sake.
Touch has a realness about it, which brings home the true horror of these crimes.This is in part due to the superb cast, hard to believe that there's only three of them on stage.

By the way, if like "The Rear of the year", there was an award for "BEST PAIR OF LEGS OF THE YEAR", then Dee would win this hands down. I've never seen a shapelier pair of "pins", EVER!

If you haven't already seen Touch, please do go and see it, you won't be disappointed. It's on until 29th January at the Alma Tavern Theatre.