Audrey Blavatsky
Doctor Tim Dunn
Ingrid Blavatsky
Roland Blavatsky
Hector Blavatsky

Lighting Designer
CD Mastering
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Dee Sadler
Dan Maxwell
Saskia Portway
Paul Mohan
Cornelius Garrett

Alison Comley
Ann Stiddard
Tim Streader
Matthew Coombes
Hoxa Sound
Ian Burgess

Alma Tavern Theatre (13th July-24th July)

It's Tuesday 20th July, and a packed out Alma Tavern Theatre are all here to see BLAVATSKY'S TOWER, first performed at the Lion and Unicorn (presented by Flying Machine) on 2nd April 1998.
For those who didn't see it, you missed an excellent show, which is Dark, funny, manic and at times sad. You can find yourself laughing out loud at the more comic moments, DEE SADLER in particular is perfectly comfortable with the lighter moments (she really should be in a sitcom or sketch show, such a waste of talent not to be on TV). And the next you'll have a lump in your throat.


For fans of Dee's from her Doctor Who appearance, the play is reminiscent of the 7th Doctor story, PARADISE TOWERS, being setin a Tower block, with some fairly odd residents.
They convey the claustrophobic atmosphere of an apartment perfectly. The story involves a family who don't leave their dwelling, except for Dee's character, Audrey. A blind, sick Father, who has visions of Angels, and insets - the Brother and Sister of the piece, Roland and Ingrid, having nothing to do all day, end up comforting each other. Their World is turned upside down one day when Audrey invites a Doctor into the flat that she met coming out of another apartment.



The cast get called back THREE times at the end for encores, to much rapturous applause from a very satisfied audience.


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