Verbatim Project

What is a verbatim audio? It's where we've had the help of professional actors who have kindly read key witness statements which support Jeremy's case for innocence. Some of them are quite long, so pop your headphones on, when you're getting the bus to work, blue tooth them to your car stereo on a long drive or simply grab a coffee relax and find out more about the evidence which goes to the heart of the case.


New audio coming in 2017, being recorded in January.
Dee will be starring
alongside Colin Baker
and Wendy Padbury.

Keep a look out for this exciting new project.
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DVD available from
On the Drama channel

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Audio CD now available

Greatest Show in the Galaxy

on The Horror Channel
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You can catch Dee in...

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Look out for Dee in....

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You can catch Dee in..{Read More}