The Bill

Pauline Hartley Michael Owen Morris Talkback Thames
Home Farm Twins Zoe's Mum John Dower BBC
Ultraviolet Stewardess Joe Aheme World Productions
Trial Television Christine Jones Steve Timmings Anglia
Trial Television Edith Cowell Dirk Campbell Anglia
The Bill (2 eps) Casualty Doctor John Strikland Talkback Thames
Peak Practice Claire Davis Colin Gregg Central TV
Pie in the Sky Reporter Martin Hutchin Select TV
Wycliffe WPC Angela Martyn Friend HTV
The Bill Tanya Sampson John Strikland Talkback Thames
All Creatures Great and Small Linda Manston Michael Brayshaw BBC
Casualty Irene Clarke Alan waring BBC
Doctor Who - Greatest show in the Galaxy Flower Child John Nathan Turner BBC
Casualty Maggie Sharon Miller BBC
Travelling Man Billy Young Sebastian Graham Jones Granada
The Little Drummer Girl Diana George Roy Hill Pan Arts / Warner Bros
No Place Like Home
(5 series)
Tracy Crabtree Robin Nash / Susie Belbin / Martin Shardlow BBC
Wuffer Girl in Cinema Roger Singleton-Turner BBC


The Ghost Train
Elsie Winthrop
Kim Hicks

Angel Hair/JDJB Productions

The Beguiled
Martha Farnsworth
John Lomas
At the Drop of a Hat Productions /Angel Hair Productions
Misery Annie Wilkes Alison Comley Theatre West & Angelhair Productions
Nightcafe/Headliners Dawnee Nancy Medina Corner Theatre
Ruffian on the stair Joyce Dan Maxwell Angelhair Productions
Water's not so thick Dorothy Kilpatrick Alison Farina Butterfly Psyche
Touch Rachel Lloyd Robinson Max Theatre Company
Blavatsky’s Tower Audrey Alison Comley Theatre West in association with Angelhair Productions
Knock Twice for Yes Sarah Alison Comley Angelhair Productions
Showing the Monster Diane Pameli Benhan Theatre West
My Green is your Grey Eva Alison Comley Bristol Old Vic Studio
Blavatsky's Tower Audery Alison Comley Angel Hair Productions
Metal Remains Vivienne Alison Comley Theatre West
The Country Corinne Katie Fenton Milagro Productions
Something for Xmas Janice Alison Comley Angel Hair Productions
Eggshell Blues Evelyn Caroline Hunt Theatre West
Breathing Corpses Elaine Sam Berger Plain Clothes Theatre / Cheltenham Everyman
Short Sharp Shock Martha Craig Edwards Travelling Light Theatre co
Seven go Mad in Thebes Peter Alison Comley Stepping Out Theatre
Holding Hands with Angels Interrogator Alison Comley Theatre West
The Voice That Keeps Silent You Alison Comley Theatre West
Viral Sutra (tour) Pol Alison Comley Chrysalis Theatre / Bristol Old Vic / Finborough Theatre
Shirley Holmes Miss Gnomer Alison Comley Stepping Out Theatre
Far Away Harper Alison Comley Theatre West
Playhouse Creatures Doll Common Katie Fenton Milagro Productions
Shang a Lang Jackie Alison Comley Bristol Old Vic Studio
Pool Party Emma Toby Farrow Alma Tavern
Blue Heart Enid Ruth Rogers New Vic Studio Bristol
A Kind of Alaska Pauline Gerard Brown Theatre West
Two Knoble Kinsmen Hippolyta Alison Comley New Vic Studio Bristol
King Lear Goneril Andrew Hilton Shakespeare @ Tobacco Factory
A Midsummer Night's Dream Titania / Hippolyta Andrew Hilton Shakespeare @ Tobacco Factory
Sucking on the Pips M.C. Arna Gunnasdottir Bristol Old Vic Basement
The Trojan Woman Andromache Marion Reed Cheltenham Everyman
Three Musketeers Queen Anne / Kitty Dan Danson Meteoric Rise Theatre
How She Loves Him Mrs Nettletop Caroline Hunt Show of Strength
Abuela Nora / Antonia Foz Allen Show of Strength

Unholiest Order
The Fall of the House of Abercorn


For Radio 4: The Draw, Sisters of the Stump, Weather in the Streets, The Web of Belonging, The Donors Daughter, Inside Out (dir. Sara Davies), Some Kind of Normal (dir. Paul Dodgson), A Doll's House (dir. Walter Acosta), Doctors (Phil Redmond Prod), Our Man in Athens, Starved For Love, The Jewish War (dir. Kate Mcall).